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features Making smiles since 1942

Over 70 years manufacturing and distributing articles for jokes and carnival.

Our History

companyIn 1942, recently completed the Spanish Civil War, Sanromà i Miquel Fuguet was a young man who had lost most of his youth between war and war, and yet, had the entrepreneurial spirit just a few of his generation.

At that time worked at the Industrial Oriole began to plot and sometimes small wire gadgets difficult to solve for the entertainment of the people.

At one point he believed in its potential and decided to venture into creating a business entertainment items, always assisted by his wife, Maria Costa i Mola. First he devised and she prepared the items, sold and delivered, later began to need outside help because i demand growing little by little as 4 children were getting older were helping in the family business, so when school parents had just always had a task for them.

In those first years of operation, the company and the house where they lived was always the same place and always in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona (in the streets Eusebi Planas, Salou, Watt). Many years later, in 1972, the company moved to Bartholomew Street Pi, where he remained until 1986 when we moved to L'Hospitalet, our current location. These changes were always caused because the former location was small.

First we only sold small "laberintines" handmade wire and gradually were incorporated a series of jokes, some of which more than 60 years we sell (cigar caps, stink bombs, springs, .. .). A part of growing the supply of jokes, in the 60 articles began to incorporate carnival (masks, beards and mustaches, wigs and all kinds of accessories,...) are increased each year with relevant developments, more afternoon party also add articles and a few years after dismissal (if the grandparent to raise his head!). Finally a few years ago that has taken shape the Halloween party and sell all kinds of articles related to this event.

This is in broad strokes the story of a family company created from the vision and desire to pull ahead of a couple of entrepreneurs and continued by a second generation that grew up surrounded by this spirit of unity and sacrifice. Hopefully third time lucky not for many years and we still maintain the same illusions that led us here.